Merry Christmas

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Our Christmas Tree

I pride myself on making Christmas magical for my children. After years of experiencing that magic I didn’t want it to disappear when I had my own children. Last year I wrote a post about it and this year I wanted to write one about how Christmas has changed over the years. I don’t mean how commercialised it is now, nor am I about to rant about how everyone wants to have the ‘best’ present. No, I’m going to talk about how Christmas has changed for me. 

As a child I only ever cared about what I got, which presents would be best and whether or not my sisters got more than me. I was a child and these were the kinds of things I thought about. Adolescence brought with it the terrible realisation that Santa didn’t buy all of my presents at all, my parents did, and the magic was gone. For years I didn’t enjoy Christmas, particularly in my late teens. 

Since meeting my other half and having children Christmas has become magical again. For the past few years I did still wonder what I would get, hoping that Santa would leave something particularly special under the tree for me but this year is different. It is the first year when there isn’t anything I want. Nothing - not even a new pair of shoes! Believe me I’ve tried to find something. I searched all of the shopping websites, spent hours on the computer but in the end I gave up. I already have everything I want and need and don’t see the point in searching for any more. I’ve grown up.

This Christmas I am more excited about the children opening their presents. The ones we have bought are fantastic and I can’t wait to see their little faces light up. I’m looking forward to Christmas this year because we’ve started a new tradition. Every year at our house Santa has fun - instead of just piling the presents around the tree, last year Santa piled them high in one giant present mountain. The kids screamed when they saw it and that brought a tear to my eye. This year I hear that Santa is planning on making a present lake in the lounge, trying to cover as much of the carpet as possible. It might take a while but we’ll make sure there’s plenty of alcohol there to keep him going.  ;)

In last year’s post I was worried about my eldest not believing in Santa and I’m happy to report that we’ve got through another year without that bombshell landing on him. I predict that this is the final year and me and the hubby are going to do our very best to retain the magic. We will continue with our traditions and enjoy our time together, making sure that our children have smiles for us on Christmas morning. My Christmas wish is that I can hold onto the memory of my children opening their presents, remembering their excitement as they jump up and down yelling ‘Thank You Santa!’.

Do you have any wishes for Christmas? A new toy that you just can’t wait to receive?
I’m hoping you all get what you’ve asked for this year. 

Merry Christmas everyone x

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