The Mega-Holiday

When I logged on last week and found out how long it had been since I wrote anything on here I couldn’t believe it. It seems that I was really struggling with my manuscript and couldn’t find the words. I remember it well actually, I was winding down for our holiday and preparing for the youngest starting school full time. Well that time has passed and I can’t wait to get back into this blogging lark!

Cinderella's Castle, Main Street, Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Since the weather is awful I thought I’d start with a series of posts about our Mega-holiday and hopefully lift everyone’s spirits as the dark evenings roll in and the temperature drops. You see we spent the whole summer, six weeks, in Orlando, Florida. Well to be exact we were staying in Walt Disney World! It was such an amazing holiday and there is so much to tell you that I decided I would do it in several posts. Now, I’m no expert but me and the hubby have been there 6 times, some with just the kids, some with the in-laws too and once on our own (a few years ago now but it was amazing). This was the first time we’d spent so long over there and I have to say it was definitely the best holiday we have EVER had.

I’ll start by posting my first one on Monday so, my question for all of you is how much detail should I go into? I could list the rides and tell you what they’re about or I could just generally tell you about the parks. There’s so much there that even that would take a while! I will definitely tell you about things like Extra Magic Hours and Fastpasses which are useful things to know about before you go but how about other things?

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