Salad Vs Chocolate

The last time I wrote about my weight I’d just reached a new best ever and was really pleased. I couldn’t believe I’d done it and it felt fantastic to be able to get into my smallest clothes. Like many of you I’m sure, I keep a lot of different sizes in my wardrobe. My smallest was one pair of size 12 jeans (I have lots of these now and even need a 10 in some styles!) and my biggest was lots of size 18 things.

For years my weight has been up and down and I’ve never really found a good way of keeping it under control. It can be really disheartening when you think you’re doing everything you can and you’re still not losing weight or, in fact, gaining. Every time I’ve been on a weight loss ‘campaign’ I’ve struggled, it always seemed really hard to shift that baby fat, even years after having the baby! 

Well this time has been like magic. I’ve been unable to do exercise because of having bad asthma so I’ve had to resort to other ways of trying to lose the weight. Strangely it seems to have worked better than any other time! I’ve cut my portion sizes, I’ve cut down on the chocolate (but not cut out) and I’ve tried to be mindful of that evil that we call ‘bread’.  Every day I weigh myself first thing in a morning. Sometimes I lose more than a pound, sometimes I put on two but my general trend is down, still. I’ve been on this campaign for more than a year and in that time I’ve lost almost four and a half stone! 

The family can’t believe it and constantly tell me how great I look but at the same time they tell me I don’t need to lose any more. Sometimes even saying that I look too thin! Here’s my thing - no, I’m not overweight anymore but I’m not at my ideal weight either. Yes, I’m happy. Very happy in fact and feel fantastic, I have more energy (most of the time) and think it’s great to be able to go into a shop and *know* they will have my size. However, when I started this I had a target and I’m still 6 pounds away from that. I won’t stop until I reach that target. This weight loss is for no one but me and although I’m pleased with progress unless I reach that target I’ll feel like I failed somehow. This is the first time that that target has been in sight and I don’t intend to let it drift away now.

I’ve written before about letting people make their own decisions when it comes to eating chocolate and losing weight and I still believe that but my experience has taught me that I felt a lot more lethargic and was less able to keep up with the kids when I was heavier. Also, it is possible to do it without doing the exercise. This was a big thing for me this time because I thought it would be harder. I can’t even go up the stairs without being out of breath so cardio exercise was a no -go. After losing most of my weight I do go on the exercise bike for 20 minutes a day now but I don’t push myself too much. These lungs of mine are still not fixed and ending up in hospital because of that exercise is not an option. 

For me, what’s worked best is cutting my portion sizes. I don’t eat the same amount as the hubby anymore, like I used to. For the most part the weight dropped off when my body realised what I was doing. The great thing is that now I can go out for a meal, have a takeaway or munch on some chocolate and know that in a few days the effects of it all will be gone. The funny thing is these days I’ll choose a salad over a takeaway! Well… sometimes I will.

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