New Year, New Goals

And… Breath.

The view out of my 'office' window
The kids are back at school, routine is restored. 

Over this holiday I’ve discovered that I don’t do particularly well without routine. I tend to leave the dirty plates until the absolute last minute and then complain that there aren’t any clean plates for dinner. I wake up late in a morning and then complain about being up late and not feeling like doing anything. The house gets a mess and I get irritable. But, like I said, the kids are finally back at school and I can get back to blogging and writing (not that blogging isn’t writing!).

The canvas on my wall - inspiring?
With a new year comes new plans and resolutions. People want to lose weight, others want to get fit, others want to give up alcohol (OMG! Who are these people?!), as for me? Well, if I’m honest I can’t decide. I was already on the weight loss thing before the year started so I can’t really say that that is my New Years Resolution, having the kids back at school has kick started the diet but it’s not a new thing so that’s out.

One thing I’ve been toying with for a while is setting myself goals with my writing. Sitting here typing that scares the hell out of me! Goals? Really? You see, as I wrote more than a year ago, I’m no Supermum. I don’t even try to be. However I pride myself on being there for my kids when they need me, which means that the writing often takes a back seat. The only time I am able to concentrate on writing is when they are at school and often things pop up that mean I can’t do that, like the weekly shop. Having talked to the hubby I’ve realised something. I think I’m making excuses. I remember when I was in college, a long time ago, and I wrote stories for fun I was asked if I would ever consider sending them to a publisher, my response was always to laugh. I said I thought it was a waste of time but really I was absolutely terrified of the rejection.

Fast forward to now and that same fear still haunts me but there’s another one that sits in wait too. The fear of failing. If I set myself goals and don’t achieve them then I’ve failed and I have no one to blame but myself. I don’t have anyone to answer to but myself either but I’m a bit of a hard ass when it comes to goals. I believe if you have a plan you should stick to it. 

In the past two years I’ve drafted two novels and I don’t think I knew how hard this writing thing would be until I started. Some days the writing flows and it’s like magic as sparks fly from my fingers as they speed over the keyboard, but other days it’s difficult to even start. Those days are the worst, sitting in front of an empty page waiting for the words to come, but you have to push through it.

My little office
If I want to take this writing thing seriously then I ought to have goals right? I ought to treat it as a job and do ‘work’ every day. What have I done so far? I’ve written this blog. But, I’ve written this blog while sitting in my ‘office’ (a bedroom with a desk) and intend to move onto the novel when I’m done. After making a cup of tea, and checking if the hubby needs anything, and… oh wait, is it time to fetch little one yet?


  1. I am exactly the same without the routine in the holidays. I love spending time with the family but I do miss the structure.

    Well down in drafting two novels that is impressive stuff! I have had a few vague ideas but have never done anything about it. Having a novel published would be amazing so I hope you succeed x

    1. Thanks very much Nicola. It's such a scary thing, I'm still not sure about it but I can only try I guess.

  2. Since you've written the novels, you might as well go for it with the publishing. Also, it sounds like your priorities are in the right place. The kids will grow up fast enough and then you'll have plenty of time. Do what you can and don't worry about the rest.

    1. Thanks for commenting Shell.

      You're right, I will always put the kids first but I'm going to do what I can with the rest of my time. Hopefully it will be enough to get it published! : )