A Strange Encounter

I realised this morning that it’s been a while since I wrote anything for the blog. I think it’s a consequence of my last post, I’ve been spending so much time working on my novels that I’ve neglected the blog. Hmmm… How do you juggle both? Especially considering that at the moment I have a few precious hours (9-11.30am) that are (almost) dedicated to my writing. Of course, that’s as long as nothing else needs doing.

I’ve found, on my writing journey, that a lot of things take priority over my writing and when I’ve had a break I find it really hard to get back into it. Last week, however, I managed to write every day! I’m so proud of myself  :) Yesterday was an especially trying day, for some reason I opened the laptop, loaded Scrivener, and… nothing. I couldn’t find the words. The page stared back at me, taunting, and I shut the laptop. I sat there staring at it for about five minutes before I decided to try again. I opened the laptop again, looked at the page and started writing. I pushed hard, struggling with words that usually come easily, and eventually I got into the swing of it. For the whole 2 hours I wrote and by the end of it I was quite pleased with what I had.

This determination reminded me of so many blogs I’ve read from other writers. They say how you should push through those hard days, write as much as you can every day, even if that’s only a few words. I’m happy I was able to do that yesterday, I felt so much better for it. The experience also reminded me of something that happened to me back in the Summer. I met my muse. 

It was a strange encounter and one I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Up until that day I didn’t really believe that there was some mythical character helping all writers along their journey. I thought all the words came from me, it’s my imagination after all. Oh how wrong I was! You see it was the middle of the night and I had words racing around my head, all scrambled. I hadn’t done any writing for weeks because of the kids being off school and I was missing it. The words didn’t make any sense but they wouldn’t go away, I tried everything I could think of to get to sleep (I do like my sleep!) but nothing worked. The next thing I knew a vision entered my mind and the words arranged into legible sentences. A woman in the dark, screaming at me. Still I didn’t listen and tried to think of other things to get to sleep but the woman persisted. She clawed and yelled until I listened and grabbed the iPad, noting down everything she was telling me. When she’d finished I put the iPad down, rested my head on the pillow and was asleep in seconds. 

The next day I read what my muse had said and it inspired me. The new story idea was brilliant and I’m so grateful to my muse for insisting. She helped me that night and although I don’t see her very often I know she is always sitting on my shoulder whispering those sweet words into my ears. 

Meeting my muse and having problems with words made me feel like I was part of something. It’s odd, this writing thing can be quite lonely, you immerse yourself in your imagination and your fingers speed across the keyboard, not once do you say a word to another human being yet you still feel part of something. So far I haven’t made many friends (apart from a select few) but I feel like I’m in a group  now, they understand and sympathise. Even though I’m on this journey on my own I don’t feel alone, if that makes any sense. I know there are people I can turn to for help and advice and I hope that I can offer that same support to others. I think we’re always learning no matter what we do and it’s nice to have a little help now and then. 


  1. Right there with you Morgan - I've never yet communicated with my muse in so direct a fashion - maybe I'm not listening hard enough :). I do also find that lying awake in the early hours can sometimes throw up great inspiration! I keep a pen and scrap of paper beside the bed for exactly that - I have a nest of little papers (some of which I blu tac to the wall.) :D x

    1. I think the only reason she was so insistent and actually spoke to me that day is because I'd gone so long without writing anything. In those holidays it's hard to get a moment's peace and I can't really write anything coherent with little ones running around screaming about fighting. I'm glad she did this, it made me realise that I'm doing the right thing.

      The pen and paper thing... well, I think I'm more of a iPad/iPhone girl. The bits of paper would probably get lost (or eaten!) in my house so it's easier to keep my notes electronic. I have many back ups of everything so hopefully won't ever lose everything.

      As for listening hard enough Rod, I'm sure you are. You've managed to publish two books after all and that's awesome! You are listening and that muse of yours is always sat there whispering in your ears, even when you take a sabbatical. I think it's only when you spend no time at all on your writing that she'll/he'll show up.

      Hope that new book is going well ;) (not that I'm eager to read it or anything!)

      Take care
      Morgan x