Positive Thinking

A while back, the Hubby had the opportunity to interview for a job. It was perfect for him and he would have loved it. It would have stretched him but he was ready for the challenge. The job was in California. If you've read my profile you will know that I live in Nottingham, UK. It is quite different to California. Looking at a website I saw that Downtown LA has 292 days with sun! Those are the kind of numbers that we can only dream of in the UK! This year, so far, I think we've probably had 15!

Morgan's Milieu | Positive Thinking: Pier at sunset, with bird

There are hundreds of differences between Nottingham and LA. Many that I'm sure we're not even aware of but as he made his way through the process we found ourselves looking forward to it. Yes, it was a huge change. It would be a really difficult transition to make, especially with the children, but it was one we were willing to make. The opportunity was huge and we believed it would encourage our children to aim for the top. The fact that we were considering moving to another country could open up their minds and make them realise anything is possible if you try.

My Hero

A while back my eldest son came home telling me about his work at school. They’d been asked to draw a picture of their hero and explain why they’d chosen that person. He chose a computer game character (they were told that was ok) called Spyro. His explanation was that Spyro helps people.

It made me think about my hero. Did I even have one? To be honest I’d never thought about it but when I did the person that popped into my head surprised me. It was Rolf Harris. When I was a kid I watched Rolf’s Cartoon Club every Saturday and loved to try and copy his cartoons. As I got older I watched him on Animal Hospital and through the years I have listened to his music, seen videos of him performing ‘Jake the Peg’ and laughed when he did his noises. Rolf Harris is one of those men that has been around in the public eye for years. We all know and love him.

I watched him on a Piers Morgan show recently and was hooked. The show was an hour and forty minutes long but I could’ve watched it all night. On it I heard how Rolf hadn’t always been the jolly fellow we all know and love. He’d been through some tough times and made hard decisions that he regretted but he also spoke about how much he loved his family and how he rocked Glastonbury! In 2010 he played to a crowd of more than 100,000 people. He was 81 at the time! Can you believe that? Rocking Glastonbury at 81 is amazing. I think the fact that he is always so jolly must aid in ageing. I hope that I can be that happy when and if I reach that age!