Hopes and Wishes For Multiple Mummy

About a week ago I came across a story that made my eyes water and my heart ache. I clicked on a post by Mammasaurus on Twitter and this post has stayed with me ever since. Sometimes on social media you hear about something that makes you stop and think. You know the kind, whether it’s about life or something more simple you can’t help but think about it.

Alice Baillie wrote this beautiful poem

The story was about Kerry, aka Multiple Mummy, who suffered a haemorrhage in the brain following a ruptured aneurism back in August and has been struggling to recover ever since. Her husband posts updates on her blog about her progress as well as coping with taking care of their children while all this is happening. I think he’s doing a fantastic job and I wish them all the best. It must be so difficult.

NewOnlineMum has set up this blog hop in the hope that sending prayers and wishes to Kerry will help her recovery. I’m not religious and don’t pray but I’ll be sending healing thoughts and wishes to her in the hope that somehow this helps. If we can all stick together and pray/send best wishes/healing thoughts to her maybe, somehow, she’ll get better and we’ll all be able to see and read her words on her blog again. We’re all hoping she recovers enough to be home with her family for Christmas, I’m sure this would be the best Christmas present her family could get. 

Please take part in the twitter thing this evening at 10pm, tweet #Healing4Kerry and your best wishes or prayers. I know I will be…


  1. Hi all, I've just read a post by NewOnlineMum and she's requesting we stay silent at 10pm. Tweet all the #Healing4Kerry tweets throughout the day but at 10pm let's all stay silent. Thanks guys, I hope you can all join in x

  2. Hi, great post and whether we pray or don't the joint consciousness of us coming together will lift her spirits and make a difference.
    Thank you for joining in,
    Liska xx

  3. It is lovely how everyone has come together for such a great lady.

  4. I spend a little time every day thinking about Kerry and, even though I've never met her, I really hope she gets better and is home for Christmas. Each time I have chocolate I think of her and send healing wishes her way. Let's hope this has had some sort of impact and she is beginning to make her way back to her family.

    Liska, I think you are a fantastic lady. You've managed to rally the troops of bloggers and we've banded together to support this wonderful woman.

    Morgan x