Beautiful Blogger Award

As I read through my emails this morning I saw something from a fellow writer, Rod Tyson. 

After reading his note on my blog I headed over to his to check it out. It turns out he'd awarded me the 'Beautiful Blogger' award!

Thank you Rod, you made my day!

Rod has just recently released his second novel 'The Orphan Stone' and 'Curse of Ancient Shadows' was just shortlisted for the Kidwell eFestival Awards!

Congratulations Rod, I hope it all goes well for you. x

Check out his blog here*. 

His post Ghost Stories... reminded me that I love to hear the spooky stories people have about strange sightings and I enjoyed reading his story.

The 'rules' for the award are that I now have to select 7 fellow bloggers to pass on the reward to and list 7 random facts about myself. Here we go...

My nominations are:

2. Darren Cockle - I loved his post 'The meaning of love'.
3. Susan, Super Earthling - She has such brilliant stories and always makes me smile.
5. Susan May - An Adventure in Words - When I first began networking Susan was one of the first people I communicated with and she taught me that we all have some times when we think we are terrible writers. The idea is to keep going and keep learning, it's the only way to improve!
6. Jeff Hargett - Strands of Pattern - I love his 'Sunday Surfing' posts because there are always useful and entertaining sites to check out.
7. Stacy Lynn Lewis - Her post 'On to the next stage...' struck a cord with me because my youngest is about to start at nursery and I will have some time to myself.

And now for the random facts. This is going to be tough...

1. After years of using windows, I have recently found that I prefer using Mac's rather than PC's. Apple's operating system is much more pleasant to use and I find that I am much less annoyed at my computer!
2. I drank Tomato Juice once... I was pregnant and that was what I was craving! I've not been able to drink it since, probably because it is awful!
3. I get annoyed at impolite people. Whether it's in the supermarket or while driving, rude people really wind me up.
4. I find it hard to make friends. Face-to-face that is. If it's through the internet or phone I have no problem but when I meet new people my mind goes blank and I can never think of anything to say.
5. I love watching movies. Moulin Rouge, Casino Royale and Love Actually are among my favourites but I have many more.
6. My children are my world. Even on those days when they make me want to pull all my hair out!
7. I sometimes wish I had a cleaner. Obvious reasons aside I'd like to sit on my sofa, see the is house tidy and know that I didn't do it!

*unfortunately Rod's blog has been removed.


  1. Congratulations on your award, Morgan! It's well-deserved.

    Many thanks for your kind words and for honoring me with an award. I truly appreciate it. :)

    I really enjoyed reading your facts. We have a great deal in common...probably all except for #7 because I know I'd be too embarrassed for anyone to come see how dirty my house is--so I'd end up cleaning it before they arrived to clean it! LOL

    I've been struggling with whether or not I should switch to a Mac. It would be tough after so many years of PCs but so many people like you are happy after switching.


    1. Thank you Susan.

      I have to agree with you on #7, I would probably do that too!

      As for Mac vs PC, well all I can say is 'I'm a Mac'! : )

      Morgan x

  2. Hey Morgan,

    Congrats to you and thanks very much for the award - that was a cool way of opening my batch of emails this morning:)

    PS... I'm with you on many of your Seven, *especially* No. 6 and No. 4.... when I meet peeps I am such the verbal poop's amazing the weird, strange things I say :)

    1. Mark,

      At least you say *something*, even if you're a 'verbal poop maker' (LOL). I tend to freeze and look at the floor!

  3. Thanks, Morgan! And I'm glad you like the links. I try to find good, helpful content, sites, etc.

    Speaking of #4, you'd love taking Orson Scott Card's Writing Class. Part of tonight's "homework" was to interview a complete stranger to spark story ideas. He sent us out two-by-two. I may never recover!

    1. Jeff,

      I have to ask, how do you find the time to trawl through all the possible sites and choose just a few? I struggle with my time management as it is.

      Wow, interviewing a stranger... Hmmm not sure I could do that! Two-by-two is a good idea, at least then you have some back up. It never occurred to me to take a writing class, you'll have to let me know how you get on with it and if it helps. Perhaps it is something worth trying.

    2. In all honesty it's not easy. Time, for me, has been at an ultra premium for nearing two months now. I see no lessening of time demands for at least the next couple weeks.

      The interviewing a stranger was extremely tough. If someone approaches me then I can talk their ears off, but making the "cold call" gives me "cold sweats" every time. It's why I could never be a salesman. For me, it's a type of intrusion and intruding is definitely not my style. But apart from that the class has been awesome so far.

  4. Totally agree with #1 - unfortunately I'm stuck with windows vista for now . #4 is true for me too - in social situations, there's a disconnect between brain and jaw where the words sound interesting inside my head but by the time they leave my mouth they've somehow changed into something unrecognizable. #6 definitely - I don't have much hair so I just gnash my laptop keyboard instead.

    1. As regards to number 1 - I'm lucky, hubby is working on the Mac and has just bought a new one. This means I get to use the old one! It is all mine! hehe. I have to say the huge screen is something that I've had to get used to but I love the OS. It is all so much easier to work with.