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This week I've been noticing changes in my boys, both of them at the same time! BP is months away from becoming a teenager, he's been going through the process for years, slowly changing from a smily boy into a grumpy teen. It's rare that we catch him in a good mood so when we do we take full advantage of it. We've had arguments and strops, slamming of doors and lots and lots of complaining. It's tough, especially when I realise he thinks that everything I say is wrong.

  • Teenagers who are never required to vacuum are living in one. 

Fred G. Gosman

7 ways to spend your time as a stay-at-home mum

As a stay-at-home mum to young children, I’m talking toddlers and preschoolers, your days are filled. You barely get a chance to have a hot coffee, but there will come a time when your kids are at school every day and you have the day to yourself. 

I have been a stay-at-home mum since BP (almost 13) was born, I left my job for maternity leave I never went back. When LP (now 8 years old) was about to start school I worried that I would become the type of mum that was obsessed with cleaning. I needed something to concentrate on other than being a mum and being at home. With almost 13 years experience I'm sharing a list of the things I've done to fill my time.

Once the daily chores are done there’s only so much TV you can watch before getting bored so here’s a few ways to spend the time your kids are at school.

Coffee with friends

Mum friends you met in the school playground, working mums with a morning off work. Arrange a meet up at the local coffee shop, or your home, and have a good old gossip. It's a great way to spend an hour or two. 

10 ways you can feel better in 10 minutes!

Being a mum can strip you of your energy, leave you feeling wiped out and disorganised. That in itself wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that you almost never get time to yourself. Getting just 10 minutes to yourself is near impossible but if you can swing it then here's 10 ways you can feel better in those 10 minutes.

It will help you smile again and maybe even make your days a little bit easier.

Take a shower

A simple (and quick!) shower may be all you need to feel better. Wash away the day, give yourself 10 minutes and enjoy the peace.

  • To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. 


Have fun and Make Your Escape!

Over the Easter Holidays we spent days in theme parks, days at home, and days visiting family. It's not very often we find something new to enjoy but this time we did. On the very last day of the holidays we tried out Make Your Escape in Derby.

What is Make Your Escape?

Escape rooms. 

Never heard of it? Let me explain.

You, and your team, are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to solve puzzles in order to escape. You work together to solve the clues, some puzzles are difficult, some are easy. Your aim is to escape the room. 

  • Sometimes even the best of us have to lose ourselves in fantasy to survive reality.

Maxi Bransdale

What we did during the holidays

The boys are back at school and we're getting back to routine, it's always lovely after a hectic break to be back to normal. We had a great time with the boys at home though and on the very last day of the break we did lots of things to fill the day. The holidays are a time to be spent together and we certainly did that during these holidays.

Climbing at the park

We visit family every weekend at the moment which means we're spending a lot of time in the car. The boys end up playing a lot of games and have lots of screen time so during the holidays we decided to change that and take them to a park close to my in-laws.

The boys both decided to try their hand at climbing and LP pushed past his fear of heights and managed to climb to the top of the climbing frame. He was so pleased with himself and couldn't wait to tell his Nanny all about it! 

Post Comment Love 21st - 23rd April

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So how was your Easter holidays? Or are your kids still on their holidays? My boys went back to school on Tuesday and to be honest I couldn't be happier about it. There's a funny thing that happens when your kids grow up, you start to look forward to the time they're not at home. It sounds awful and I'm sure you think I'm horrid but it's true. When they're at school they see their friends, they play games, and they attend after-school clubs and it keeps them busy and happy. When they're at home they have all this energy and no way to use it up. 

  • Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy.

Barbara Walters

Why it's okay to want your kids to go back to school

My boys went back to school on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier. They've driven me mad with their constant bickering, physical fighting, and the need to be entertained for every second of every waking moment. It's exhausting. And it's okay. Last week I couldn't wait for my kids to go back to school, and there is no way I'm going to feel guilty about that.

We love our kids, obvs!

LP has just taken an interest in tap-dancing (since seeing Lord of the Dance) and is so cute when he starts trying to tap around the kitchen, moving his legs as fast as they will go. His arms flail about and he has the biggest smile on his face, and I cannot help bursting out laughing every time he does it.

BP, while quiet a lot of the time, on occasion will do something lovely. Like make a drink without being asked, or offer to go to the shops for us. He is a lot less active than LP (being almost a teen will do that!) but can be just as entertaining.

My life has been enhanced by my boys in ways I never knew possible until I had children. They brighten my days and make me smile.

  • The kids are Job One. So, to be quite candid, if they need me, I do my utmost to make sure I'm there.

Susan Rice

Taking the boys to see Lord of the Dance, Dangerous Games

The very first time I saw Lord of the Dance was in Las Vegas way back in 2003, the Hubby (then the boyfriend) were on holiday and it was showing in one of the casinos so we took the opportunity to see it. Not long after that we saw Riverdance too. I love both shows and since 2003 have seen them both twice.

A few weeks ago we noticed that Lord of the Dance, Dangerous Games was on tour and would be in Nottingham for just 3 days. We don't really have any babysitters available nearby so we wrote it off as a non-starter. Although we would've loved to see it, it just wasn't possible. That is until we thought about it, I mean what was stopping us taking the boys to see it too?

It took just an hour to decide that we would do it and the Hubby bought the tickets. We'd planned it for the last day of the Easter holidays (Easter Monday) and although the boys would have a late night right before going back to school we figured it would be worth it.

Post Comment Love 14th - 16th April

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With the boys off school this week has been a busy one, we went to Alton Towers again, went walking in Dovedale, and have had a couple of days at home too. I'm tired. We've done lots of walking and I'm unfit (again!), I know I should be doing more but I just don't want to. You know what that feels like don't you? When there's something you know you should be doing but you really can't be bothered or simply don't want to do it. Exercise and me aren't getting along at the moment.

The boys loved climbing and LP even climbed a tree at Dovedale. He loved the whole morning.

  • The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. 

Christopher McCandless 

How to get housework done during the school holidays

Okay, let's face it, the school holidays are the worst time to try to get the housework done. Days out, trips to see family and the general mess from the kids being at home leaves the housework seeming like a mountain you have to climb.

You want a lie in (I hear you!), after getting up at 6-6:30am every day and dragging your lazy kids out of bed to get ready for school you're just ready for leaving that morning routine behind. But of course the kids decide that during the holidays they can be out of bed by 6am and your much-needed lie in just doesn't happen. 

  • I'm a housewife: I spend far more time on housework than anything else. 

Annie Dillard

During the school holidays your days start with making yourself get out of bed to make breakfast for everyone, resenting the fact that you didn't get your lie in. Making breakfast results in mess, plates and dishes to clean and food to put away. The daily trudge begins and you're just not ready for it. 

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With the boys being off school and things being rather crazy I haven't got much done this week. We're doing the 'one day working, one day off' thing through these holidays and again it's quite tiring. Finding something for the boys to do while I sit upstairs and try to concentrate on getting a blog post done isn't easy, they're spending a lot of time in front of screens. But we are making up for that with days out. 

Cleaning hacks to save you time!

Cleaning sucks, let's face it, so anything that makes life easier and helps the cleaning go faster has got to be good right?


Below you'll find some top tips to help your cleaning days go faster.

When life give you lemons... 

Clean with them!