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Well I'm finally back with a What I Read, I took a couple of weekends off and things got a big crazy but I've managed to squeeze in some time to share some great posts.

With the summer holidays upon us is it time to reflect on how you've been doing this year? I love to take the summer to think about my plans for the next year (school year) and work out what I could be doing better at. Jacqui's post 16 Habits of Successful People is a great start - it gives you an idea of what other people do. There are a couple of top tips in this post that I intend using over the next six weeks to see if it helps me at all. Can you work out which ones?

Now I love a good poem, and usually I would stop by Dawn's blog for my poetry fix. So you can imagine my surprise when I found a post that wasn't poetry! Even better though was the fact that I learned something from her post, Group B Strep - Our Story. I had no idea what Group B Strep was, or even how it came about but after reading Dawn's post I'm aware and can spread the word. Please head over to read Dawn's scary story that thankfully has a happy ending. 

When you become a parent there's a switch that seems to flick on. It's the worry switch or The Fear as Isabella puts it. As soon as your children are born you see everything as a threat, something to be avoided or to "be careful" of. Since having children I've said "be careful" more times than I care to admit! Do stop by and give Isabella's post a read.

I read a post this week that left me with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Laura's post Dad is a truly touching story about the loss of her father. I cannot imagine how hard it must've been to deal with but I am glad that Laura is able to see some hope.

It's always great to read posts about the "normal" life of a stay-at-home parent and this week I loved Bridie's post My Filter-less Feed. In it she talks about the pictures we constantly see on Facebook and Instagram and how they're so perfect. She discusses the fact that we always seem to compare ourselves to those pictures and punish ourselves because life isn't that "beautiful". I wholeheartedly agree with Bridie when she says "we're all good enough". Stop by and give her post a read.

Finally I couldn't not share this post from The Laughing Mum: I AM a Yummy Mummy! In her post she talks about being the parent of a pre-teen and a teen and how much she loves it. This I can understand, I am a mum of a pre-teen and a tween-in-training. I nodded along while laughing out loud as I read The Laughing Mum's post and couldn't wait to share it. There is no doubt that I related to this post!


  1. Thank you for featuring me lovely, I'm in great company here and can't wait to read some of the posts I haven't come across yet. I really enjoyed Adventures with J's post too and found it so moving xx

    1. Glad to feature you Bridie, hope you're having a great summer. xx

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my post Morgan. I do enjoy your What I Read posts and I'll enjoy checking out the other fantastic posts - I'm thrilled to be included with them. Dawn x

    1. You're welcome Dawn, and hope you enjoy reading the other posts. :)


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