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Welcome back for another What I Read, this week back to regular programming after last week's roundup.

Zaz wrote a brilliant post about loving yourself, about how we need to be kind to ourselves before we can love others. I couldn't agree more and making time for yourself, time be alone or just enjoy things for yourself is really important. Please check out A love letter - send love to you.

The Mama Nurse

I am rubbish at crafts, you all know that don't you? I don't really bother with crafty type things with my boys, for a start they don't enjoy it but I can't do it anyway! When I see fantastic crafty things on Facebook I'm so jealous of the mother's abilities. One thing I would never do though is tell her she shouldn't be posting those photos. I'd never make a woman feel bad for sharing her accomplishments. However, some people do do that, particularly mums. In To The Moms Trolling on Facebook, The Mama Nurse talks about her hesitancy at posting photos to Facebook after one particular incident. Be sure to check it out.

A post I really connected with was Weight Loss: Let's Do This! Days 1 & 2 written by Lizzie. Lizzie is like me, she likes (okay loves) her food and finds it difficult to lose weight. The thing is though, she doesn't agree with the meal replacement shakes, so she's trying out some shakes but not using them to replace her meals. I'm interested to see how she gets on. 

I loved the heartfelt post written by Someone's Mum entitled A Small Thing. In the post she talks about her child's development and how it's hard for her to watch the struggles, and how a small thing can mean so much. Please do stop by and have a read.

Would you consider yourself successful? What kind of things do you use to measure success? I think it really depends on your goals, what you hope to achieve. Emma talks about success in On Being Successful, she discusses her own goals and opinions on success. The only person that can judge whether you're successful is you. Hop over to Me Bee and Bo to read. 

Clare who writes at EmmysMummy.com

In No it's really not time for number 3! Clare discusses the issues behind family and friends asking when the next baby will be. I remember, when LP was 2, being asked constantly if I was going to have another baby. For me it was a decision made long before LP was born, we didn't want any more than two children. Two is enough. But for Clare this question brings up different issues, and it can hurt. Please stop by and give the post a read.

Read With Me


  1. Thank you for sharing mine. Off to make a cuppa and read the others now.
    Lovely round up.

    1. You're welcome Clare, hope you enjoy reading the others. x

  2. Thank you for the feature! Some greats posts to read this week so I'm looking forward to my time after the babes are in bed to read them all! X

    1. You're welcome Lizzie, hope you enjoy reading the other posts. xx

  3. Great round-up Morgan. Like Clare, I'm also often asked if I'm having a third. It's a bit of a pain as I don't really know myself - probably not, but you never know....

    1. Thanks Nell. It's always a strange thing isn't it? I do wonder why people presume you'll want more children.

  4. I love both the first and last post, some great thought provoking posts. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe


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