What I Read October Roundup


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October was a busy month and I've loved sharing lots of blog posts I enjoyed reading. Here's a round up of all the posts I shared during October.

What I Read October Roundup | Morgan's Milieu: Emily of Twin Mummy and Daddy BlogWhat I Read 27 had Sam sharing what it's like to suffer with anxiety in Social Anxiety Disorder. Morna doesn't wear make-up and asks if she's the only one, I don't wear much but I do wear some. Emily asked an interesting question: Are You the Parent You Thought You'd Be? Security online is becoming more and more of an issue and @MsSBurns shared some thoughts on protecting her online identity. If you're a mum there are probably a few things that changed when you became a parent. Some you may even regret, Mim shared 5 things she regretted doing after having kids. I could certainly relate. In "Are You Trying To Kill Your Baby?" The Facts on Bedsharing Marissa talked about the issues surrounding bedsharing.

What I Read October Roundup | Morgan's Milieu: Cardiff Mummy from Cardiff Mummy Says shares a brilliant post about not being ill.

In What I Read 28 John told a story about the time he bought a trampoline for his children. Becky celebrated the little wins in 12 small parenting victories that make you feel like you've won the lottery. Hayley shared some tips on how to encourage your children to keep a tidy home. Cardiff Mummy was having a tough time because as we all know You Can't Call In Sick When You're a Mum. Jacqui asked a simple question - Should Bloggers Get Paid? ReneĆ© wrote a personal story in the hope that she can somehow help others, Let's Talk About The Elephant In The Room.

What I Read October Roundup | Morgan's Milieu: Ali, aka Mum in a Nutshell, shares her thoughts on turning 40.
What I Read 29 had Ali asking if she has to leave her happy place when turning 40. @AgentSpitback shared a brilliant post where she listed what mums really do. Angela shared her wisdom and helped out bloggers with her guide to domain authority and no-follow, do follow links. Tim talked about his confidence crisis and how going to a blog conference can influence you. Cleaning the house is a pain, even more so with toddlers in tow. @rhymingwithwine wrote a brilliant poem entitled Once upon a time I cleaned the house... Wade told us all about what he does for a living, it's one of those new words - Webpromarketuer!

Check back next week for more great posts!

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  1. brilliant picks as always, lovely to see different blogs to read. thanks for linking up with #readwithme

    1. Thanks hun. Thank you for hosting #readwithme xx

  2. Thank you for the shout out lovely! You have some great reads on here. I love finding new blogs x

    1. You're welcome hun. I love it too, especially giving them a shout out! ;)

  3. I have been making the effort to read new blogs this month and have found some great ones. How nice of you to give them a shoutout in your post I will be having a read of some today I think! #readwithme

    1. Thanks Tracey, I hope you enjoy reading my favourite posts from October there's some brilliant ones in there. xx


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