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Things are not going well with the health and weight loss stuff. I've done nothing to rectify my situation, in fact I've done the opposite.

11st 8.4lbs

40,617 steps

I don't know what it is but I can't find the motivation or willpower to do anything about the weight gain. I did go for a short run last week, and really enjoyed it, but the rest of the week I was so busy and worn out that I didn't bother to go again. 

Right now I just want to eat.

Chocolate, crisps, kebab and chips, it's all been calling to me and I can't fight it. 

It sounds awful I know, I'm sure you're all thinking "get a grip girl!". This is the lowest I've felt about my weight loss in a long time. I feel like I've let myself down, I've gained more weight since I've been back from holiday than I did when I was on holiday. My size 14 jeans are much more comfortable but I don't want to pull them out because it's like I'm accepting it. 

I want to fight but I don't have the energy.

I'm not going to pretend to know what I'm talking about and give you tips this week. I can't even follow my own advice at the moment so how can I expect you lot to?

I'm going back to the start, I'm setting myself a target and tracking what I'm eating. I need to do something.

My new target is to reach 11st by the start of December, that's just over 1lb per week. I've started using MyFitnessPal again and am keeping a note of what I'm eating. 

I'm hoping to have better news next week.

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  1. Good luck. Can you maybe give yourself a week off and then come at it as a fresh start after? That might be a rubbish suggestion, sorry if it is.
    I really hope you feel more positive about your weight loss soon, good luck

    1. Thanks for the support and advice Olivia. I think putting less pressure on myself is definitely one of the ways to go. :) x

  2. It's so frustrating that it's easy to gain weight but not lose it! But it sounds like you are on the right course - setting yourself a target and tracking what you eat. Good luck! #FitnessTuesdays

    1. Thanks Vanessa, I'm trying at least. x

  3. Best of luck with going back to the start lovely. It'll be hard at first, but once the weight starts coming off again you'll be super motivated x

    1. Thank you Renee, you're right of course, all I need is for it to start. xx

  4. Oh lovely, so sorry to hear that. I think it's the weather and change of seasons. I think setting yourself a target might be the way to do. it. Good luck! #FitnessTuesday

    1. Thanks hun. You're probably right, it is the weather change. I just want to eat chocolate and comfort food constantly! :( Targets - and keep my eyes on it - that's the way forward.


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