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The boys are back at school (Yay!) and things are back to normal routines. I'm tired and lethargic at the moment, the holidays have worn me out even though we didn't do anything.

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I've spent the best part of two weeks working, doing housework and playing games with the boys. We have been nowhere and done nothing special. The Hubby has been super busy with work (has a bad back) and we didn't feel like doing anything.

Sometimes it is okay to give in to the laziness.

Saying that though I'm drained and am struggling to get the energy to go for a run. After two weeks of no exercise I can tell there's a difference in my energy levels.

It is my first day back to normal and I will force myself to step onto that treadmill. It's got to be done.

As soon as I get my earphones in and the music thumping my feet will pound the treadmill and I'll be smiling before I know it. I just need to get there. Pushing past the lazy is hard but if I make myself it'll be easier next time.

Tip: Push past the 'lazy'

After a break from regular exercise it can be tough to get back to it. The 'lazy' gene kicks in and whispers in your ear telling you to give up, "it wasn't working anyway" it says.

Ignore those words.

It IS working.

Pay attention to the difference when you're doing the exercise, how much more energy you have.

Cling to that for all you're worth and push past the lazy!



  1. So true! You do feel so much better after some exercise. It's just getting out and going! Good luck and hope you enjoy your running xx #bloggingtojogging

  2. You are so spot on with your tips hon, the lazy trap is such an easy (but bad) habit to fall into. You're doing so well xx

    1. Thanks Renée, I've spent far too long stuck in that rut before and am glad I have the will power to beat it. xx

  3. I've got my fitbit back on for the first time in weeks - I need to banish the lazy!!

  4. This is so true! I have spent the whole winter being lazy and it was so difficult to make that first push and get back in to it again but once I did I've done great x

    1. That's great to hear Lauren, good for you for getting back to it. Thanks for stopping by. x

  5. So, so true! I've had a hectic couple of weeks so exercise has dropped and I'm struggling! I hope you're doing well this week! Thanks for linking up wit #BloggingToJogging xx

    1. I did okay last week but this week, because of being crazy busy I've done no running. Hoping to get back to it this week. :)

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