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Since the start of February half-term I haven't done any creative writing. The novel has stalled, again. The problem is I reached the same point that always holds me back.

This morning blogger's block hit and I had no idea what to write about. I scoured the internet for prompts, stared at photographs hoping it would inspire me, but nothing worked.

Well, that's not entirely true - something worked. The picture of the tiger inspired me, it began talking to me and made me think of my fantasy novel, the one that I put away and didn't intend getting back to. 

Even now, after years of not reading that draft, I know the basics of the story and looking into that tiger's eyes brought it all back. I began to wonder if I could salvage something from the rubbish pile of that draft. I wanted to delve into the file, print it out, read and take notes. Then I remembered I'm still not finished with my crime novel.

It would be really stupid to think I can draft two novels at once, especially when I'm having such a hard time finishing the crime draft. The fantasy novel continues to peak my interest and I need to go through it just to check if I can save anything but I won't do that until the crime draft is finished. One at a time Morgan.

Unlike last time I WILL write something. I'm going to open scrivener and finish the crime draft, then print it out and read it. I know it won't be perfect, it's only a draft but it needs to be finished. Only then can I get on to the previous story.

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  1. Oh, how frustrating, and to have two there hovering about in your mind must make it much harder, too. I hope your blocks lift soon and you can settle into one of them x

    1. Well I forced through the block yesterday and actually wrote a few words for the crime novel. That's progress. I'm hoping it continues... of course Easter holidays are just around the corner. ;)

  2. Hi Morgan, it's funny how our mind works, just a picture and now your looking at finishing two novels. Why can't you go back and finish the fantasy novel first (if the picture of the tiger has given you ideas) and then finish the crime novel?

    I'm sure now that you've started writing again the words will start to flow...Fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks Debbie, I think part of it is just giving myself permission to work on whichever novel I need to. You're right, I should just go for it. Hopefully the easter holidays won't interfere too much but who knows. I'll just have to go with it for now. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting Debbie. xx

  3. Morgan - you WILL get there, I have no doubt about it. Ross writes books and he says that the hardest part is finding the ending. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks Victoria.Yep, Ross is right - AND the beginning... oh and the middle too. hehe. Ah the life of a writer. ;)


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