Do Your Children Know The Green Cross Code?


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Teaching our children about road safety is one of the most important jobs a parent has. Ensuring they can cross safely and know the rules of the road is paramount.

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Around 1,400 children aged 0-11 are killed or seriously injured on Britain's roads every year. That works out at almost 27 children every week!

When I was a new driver an incident on a quiet housing estate terrified me and taught me to keep an eye out for children when driving.  I was minding my own business when, from between two parked cars, a young boy came running out in front of my car, chasing after his ball. I stomped on the breaks, my car screeched to halt. The boy saw none of this; by the time I'd stopped he was standing on the pavement with his ball. Had I not been paying attention the story could've been very different, perish the thought.

As regular readers know I have two sons; Big Prince (BP) and Little Prince (LP). BP is ten years old and learned the Green Cross Code a few years ago. For the last year he has been walking to and from school on his own and crossing a busy road. I am confident in his ability to judge where to cross safely. 

Little Prince is five (almost 6) and wants to learn how to cross the road on his own. We have talked about road safety and he knows he mustn't cross if he can see a car heading towards him. He also knows to look both ways and listen when crossing. A few days ago we went for a walk and we crossed someone's drive. LP treated it as a road and stopped at the curb, looked both ways and then crossed. I was impressed but I can't be complacent. I will continue to teach him about the dangers of roads and how he can cross safely. It will be a while before I let him cross alone.

Rental Cars take children's road safety seriously and came up with a quick and easy quiz for you to take with your children. It's a simple point and click quiz with 10 multiple choice questions that cover the Green Cross Code. Why not take a few minutes, sit with your children, and see how they do?

After the quiz, tell me - do your children know the Green Cross Code?

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  1. That's a shocking statistic and the green cross code is something we often just take for granted. I remember some rather cheesy TV adverts back in the 70s - not sure if they still exist now though? Great subject for a quiz #pocolo

    1. It is isn't it? I don't think there are many TV ads these days, not that I've seen anyway. I remember the Charlie says ads. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. xx

  2. Road is scary! We are walking everyday for our school run and its really scary out there. My son doesnt know the Green Cross Code but he loves to read about traffic safety book. I will try to research about this and see where he can learn it. #pocolo

    1. That's a great idea, all children should know the Green Cross Code. If he's very young he may find it difficult but as long as he knows the basics. The quiz is a great way to see the basics quickly, and you learn along the way too. ;) Thanks for commenting. xx

  3. I taught Grace the Green Cross Code from an early age - something that is SO important. I remember the Green Cross Code man coming to my school when I was little. It was the same man who played Darth Vader! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo

    1. Oh my Darth Vader teaching the Green Cross Code - now there's a picture! ;)
      I agree Victoria, it is really important, especially if you live near busy roads. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. xx


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