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Last Friday when I took part in the 'Word of the Week' linky I was pleased with myself. I'd had a good week organising the house and planned to get a new desk to make working easier. The kids were back at school and I was enjoying the peace and quiet by sorting things out. But my good mood was about to be crushed.

This morning I went for a walk with a couple of friends and one of them asked me that dreaded question:

"So how's the book going?"


Here's the thing, I haven't even looked at my novel for more than six weeks! It is impossible to do the research required when two active boys are vying for my attention. Days out, blogging and keeping the boys happy meant that the book got pushed to one side, again. This always happens in the holidays, whether it's summer, October half-term or Christmas.

My friend looked at me and I told her I'd not worked on it for a while. She let it go. Phew!

But now I feel guilty. Research documents are sitting on my desk waiting for me to go through them and instead I'm writing a blog post. My finished first-draft/edited draft is waiting to be edited again but I'll go make a coffee... And that's how it goes. Before October half-term I will start work on the book, half-term will arrive and I'll be back here again. It's the cycle of trying to write a book while being a stay-at-home mum who can't find that determination.

I should just ignore everything else and get on with finishing this book. I know it. Really I do. But every day something else comes up and I have to leave the house. Yesterday the shopping, today a PTA meeting, and tomorrow a hairdresser's appointment. All these things are squeezed into the few hours while the kids are at school. It can get overwhelming.

Sometimes I wonder if I should give up on the book but the 'real' writer inside of me won't let me. It's the thing I want to do, I have to write this thing and release it. I need to. 

What to do?

Of course I know what I should do. I should stop writing this blog post and open the research books beside me. There's hour before lunch, a PTA meeting this afternoon and I'm busy after school; it's my only opportunity to work on the book today. 
Okay, that's it!

Coffee, then research. Honest.

How do you manage your time?
Do you find life interferes with the time to work on your writing?
What do you do about it?

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  1. I know what you mean about struggling to find the time to write - life does get in the way (especially when life is filled with small boys/kids!) Don't feel guilty about abandoning your book from time to time - It happens. And absolutely don't give up on it either!

    I find setting writing goals and then blogging about them helps. Once I've set myself a target my competitive side kicks in and I want to achieve it! Blogging about it makes it harder for me to duck out of it - it's all there in black and white.

    I also find that the more I write, the more I WANT to write though. I kind of get on a roll so if I go through a patch when I write less it can kind of spread out. So I'd say find yourself a block of time to dedicate to writing and jump in feet first! Then find another block and carry on. Good luck! Thanks so much for linking to #WhatImWriting and for all your support. x

    1. Thanks Maddy.
      I do try. Hmm, well maybe I don't try hard enough. That block of time I say I'll dedicate to writing usually gets swallowed up by other stuff. I guess I just need to put my foot down and lock myself in my office. :)
      Love the linky. Inspired idea. :)

  2. I definitely struggle to find the time to write - I think I've mostly accepted now that I won't really get much done whilst my little ones are still small. Good luck to you with finding the time to write and being able to focus on it.

    1. Thanks. I'm really trying and did manage to get a little research done. Having small children definitely makes it harder to find the time. I hope you do catch some time soon. xx Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. That's a question I've been dreading too! Up until last week I hadn't touched my novel for about three months. The summer just took on a life of its own! But I've set myself the goal now of getting the first major redraft done by the end of October, and that means that as soon as my toddler's ready to nap I'm straight to the book. We'll see how it goes - it's getting more challenging to be a write at home mum as he gets older, and as you say there are so many other things that get in the way! But for e carving out that time is really important. Everything else will get done eventually... :)

    1. I totally agree Sophie. Carving out that time can get very difficult, my time suck at the moment appears to be technical difficulties. My iMac is dying a death and I'm hoping it can get fixed. :(
      The things that get in the way are never ending!!!

  4. Try not to beat yourself up so much lovely, self-flagellation is so counter productive. There's a fabulous quote that I absolutely love by William Faulkner "if a story is in you it will come out"... food for thought?!

    A common theme when it comes to book writing is blog less. I know I was only writing two posts a week when I was deep into writing my book. I've seen a few bloggers posting that their blogs will be taking a back seat while they write their books. Regular readers won't hold it against you, they'll cheer you on from the sidelines.

    Best of luck lovely xx #whatimwriting

    1. That is a fantastic quote - I may have to print that in giant letters an sit it on my desk!
      I have had a few sessions of blogging less and I think I may have to do this again at some point. The problem with that is it now, finally, seems to be taking off and becoming something interesting. A decision needs to be made as to which is more important to me. A difficult one to call at the moment. Thanks for stopping by hun. xx

  5. Tine management is the holy grail when you have children! My son has just started nursery so I have 10 hours a week more than I have had before and I'm a little bit excited, although yesterday and today I achieved no writing at all during either 2 hours as I met a friend and spent today doing chores, so it may not turn out to be as productive as I'd hoped! I've learnt to take each day and each week as it comes-best of luck getting back to it :)

    1. Isn't it? Those 10 hours will be gone before you know it. I thought that when LP started at school I would have lots of time for writing but it turns out that there's other stuff I have to do too. Who knew?! ;)

  6. Go Go! Do the writing... well, drink the coffee, then write.
    Oh, clean up the desk, bleach the loos, tidy the toys away...
    As you can tell, I suffer from the same. And now I have the blog to distract me too. Time management for me is a huge issue, so I'm probably the worst person to ask. I make sure I set aside an hour or so at least a day to write or at least do something creative. Mainly for my own sanity. xx

    1. I think that's my idea too. Once I finally get into some sort of routine (been a mad hectic week) I'll be setting at least 1 hour aside for creative writing. Hopefully this will mean I make progress on the book. We shall see...
      Thanks for stopping by. xx

  7. I am very easily distracted and it is so hard to find time to really focus when the kids are at home. I've found it virtually impossible to write this summer, and my blogging has been almost entirely photo projects and The Prompt! I do find that setting a manageable goal helps, some simple deadline to get things going and to stop staring at a blank screen. Good luck!! #whatimwriting

    1. The deadline thing never seems to work with me, particularly if it's a self-imposed deadline. I mean really, am I going to tell myself off for not hitting my deadline? I guess it's always going to be a case of winging it when I have the time. I'm never going to get into a set routine and I may as well get used to that now.

      As a side note, I was hoping to join with The Prompt this week, I even have my poem written (on paper!). However, I seem to be having technical difficulties with my iMac at the moment - it's dying I think. Either way I'll post the poem when I can but it may not be linked to this weeks The Prompt. Booo! :(


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