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I was introduced to the #mommyreality link last week by Lysa and decided to take part this week. The prompt for this week is "When Photo's Fail" so here are mine...

Me trying to capture a pic of the hubby karting... erm - Fail?

Another failed attempt from me - LP doing a bomb into the water. DOH!

LP showing me his Lego bus as he goes for the nose!


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  1. Oh that dive bomb picture is funny! I have so many missed swimming pics like that.

    Luckily the LEGO piece wasn't going in the nose. So glad you linked up this week, so that I could find your blog. Coming back for sure!

    1. I have loads more swimming pics like that! I always manage to miss them actually jumping. :(

      I'm lucky in that I haven't had a lego-piece-up-the-nose incident yet. Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it. x

    2. We had a bean once and man that was a fun experience, no not really :)

  2. I like the fact that it looks like nothing has made the splash in the dive bomb picture, it's kind of spooky.... And you certainly have one fast hubby!

    1. Hehe thanks. It does doesn't it?
      Yes the hubby was karting and he wanted me to get a pic of him, unfortunately this was the best I got. :)

  3. Just how to they even manage to go for the nose so quickly in the amount of time we go, "Say cheese!" and push the button? Has to be a kid-conspiracy. Happens to me constantly! Thanks so much for linking up! These are great!


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