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This was my Everest.
A later project.
When I became a stay-at-home mum more than nine years ago I wondered what on earth I would do with all my free time. I didn’t know how to use up all the time I would’ve been at work. I panicked that I would be stuck with loads of time and nothing to do. Yeh, I know - deluded! Anyway, back then I figured I’d need a new hobby to use up the spare time. A friend who did cross-stitches in her spare time said maybe I should try that. I did and after a few botched jobs I enjoyed it.

I only have a few projects under my belt, the one of Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore being the first (that was finished and not ruined). In 2006 I went to Disney World, Florida and fell in love with one of the kits they had there. I insisted the hubby buy it for me and he did which meant I had a huge project to begin. Unfortunately as time went on I lost interest in cross-stitch and the huge project got left half-finished for a while. It wasn’t until I fell pregnant with the little one that I started up again. I looked at my half-finished project and promised I would finish it. One day.

One I did for my little one.
In the end I did finish it, about 3 months ago! That's it, at the top, and I think you can see why it took so long. This project was the biggest I’d tried so far and it was very hard. I’d never done any beading before so this was really challenging and all the intricate details with the sparkly thread was quite annoying due to the thread being delicate. But I finished it.

Now, after that taking so long you wouldn’t think I’d get another one would you, but I did. Again I was in Florida and happened to be scanning the shelves of kits again, the hubby should probably keep me away from them. This time I wanted a girly one, one for me, so I got Beauty and the Beast. I think it is really beautiful and although it will take a while I’m up for the challenge. The difference this time is that I’m blogging about it too and that means that I don’t have any excuses to give up on it. I’m planning on posting regular updates on how this project is going and hopefully this one will not take seven years to finish. I opened the pack last night and as you can see there’s lots to it but I’m going to be making a start tonight. I’ll post pictures of my progress every Tuesday and I’m hoping it all goes well. 

Wish me luck!

Oh boy this looks complicated!

Have you started any new crafty projects? 

Maybe it’s something you’ve never tried before or something you’re well trained at, let me know how you’re getting on.

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  1. Good luck with your new project Morgan! And that Disney one looks like a real feat, congratulations, and most of all well done for finishing! Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou xx


    1. Thanks. I was glad to finish I can tell you! Now for the next one :)

  2. The Disney one is really impressive. It must be so rewarding to finish one and put it up in full sight. :)

    1. Ah thanks. It certainly is rewarding to finish and sometimes I forget how relaxing it is to do.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting x

  3. Perfect for #AllAboutYou moments! My daughter has got a bunch of simple versions of these for her birthday, it's getting me back into something I used to love doing as a child! Thanks so much for linking up x

    1. Thank you. It really is the most therapeutic thing I do.

      Morgan x

  4. Oh wow I have always wanted to try this, love the Disney one :)

    1. You should. Some of them are quite difficult but you obviously work your way up, beginning with the simpler pieces like Winnie the Pooh. I remember my very first one, that I totally messed up, was a head shot of Tigger. It's all about practice. :)

      Thank you. xx


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