Supermum? Erm... No!


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Watching TV and seeing shows like Perfect Housewife or SuperNanny often makes me wonder if I should try harder, spend more time with my boys. Perhaps I should clean the house or iron the clothes that are sitting in that basket?

Morgan's Milieu | Supermum? Erm... No!: Full washing basket

There's always something for a mum to be doing; cleaning, playing with the children, visiting family. And it's never ending. As the saying goes,

'A mother's work is never done'

I've been a stay-at-home mum for nearly 8 years and I haven't managed to have one single day where I didn't have to do some kind of chore. My daily life is filled with chores. I do my best to get the most important jobs done and get some time to spend with the children. I make sure they are fed and watered and I entertain them, even if that means my eldest playing on the Xbox 360 for a while.

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